At UXPressia, we have 4 types of pricing plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Let's go over each of them and highlight their edges and limits.

Note: Please remember that you can be a member of several workspaces on different subscriptions. Multiple workspaces allow you to be more flexible when working with numerous teams. Learn more about managing workspaces with different subscription plans here.


The free plan offers you the following functionality:

  • 1 project;

  • 1 customer journey map, 1 impact map, and 1 persona;

  • Email sharing with 1 user;

  • Export to PNG;

  • Comments.


This plan costs $16/month per contributor ($160 for an annual subscription). Features available on this plan include:


This one costs $36/month ($360 per year) and has no limits whatsoever. When going Pro, you can take advantage of all Starter plan features, plus:


The enterprise plan is for those who want something tailored for them specifically. Schedule a call with the sales team to get more information.

Pricing for education and nonprofit organizations

We also offer free access to UXPressia’s advanced functionality to educators, students, and nonprofit organizations.

UXPressia demo

Want to learn more about the platform's functionality and see how to build journey maps and personas?

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