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How to create and improve personas with AI
How to create and improve personas with AI

Learn how to use the AI persona creator

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You can create a new persona from scratch or improve the existing one with the AI functionality inside the Personas tool.

AI persona maker

Note: To use the functionality, you must be on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

How to generate a new persona with the AI Persona maker

The functionality generates content for all text-based sections, which include but are not limited to:

  • Background;

  • Motivations;

  • Frustrations;

  • Quote;

  • Context;

  • Challenges.

If none of UXPressia’s textual sections matches your needs, add a new text section to your empty persona and rename it:

custom sections in AI personas maker

When generating the content, AI uses section titles. So be sure to give your sections descriptive titles: e.g., channels, skills, etc.

descriptive section titles for AI

Once you have the necessary sections in place, open the AI Persona maker and proceed to the ‘Suggest a new persona’ tab:

generating AI personas

In this tab, you need to add all the information you have gathered about the persona or describe the case if you don’t have any data yet. Be sure to be as specific as possible to get a good result, especially if you have custom sections.

describing the case to AI to generate a persona

If you want AI to generate an image of your persona, describe the required image in the dedicated section:

generating an image for your persona with AI

Then click the ‘Let the magic begin button’ and wait for AI to generate the persona for you.

AI-generated persona

How to improve the existing persona with AI

To improve the persona you have, follow these steps:

  • Open the AI persona generator and go to the ‘Improve this persona’ tab;

improve the persona with AI
  • Select the sections you want to update with the help of AI. Note: empty sections are not displayed here. AI needs some initial text to improve it.

  • Specify the details you want AI to add. For that purpose, you can choose one of the options in the ‘What you like to improve?’ section, write a custom request, or do both:

sections to update with AI

When you are done, hit the ‘Let the magic begin’ button to get your persona updated.

You can also generate custom persona images with AI using the AI image generator.

The AI Personas event recording

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