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What is UXPressia?

First-timer? See how you can leverage UXPressia for building better experiences


Start your journey here if you're with us for the first time

Journey management

Learn how to manage your customers' journey with UXPressia

Personas Tool

In this tutorial you will learn how to create awesome personas in our Personas Online Tool

Customer Journey Map Tool

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to start off with CJM in UXPressia Customer Journey Map Online tool

Impact Mapping Tool

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to start off with Impact Mapping in UXPressia Impact Map Online tool

Starting Off With The Dashboard

In this tutorial you will learn what the dashboard is and how to manage your documents

Workspaces & Team Management

Learn how to collaborate more effectively by using different roles and multiple workspaces

Team Library

Learn about a shared repository of reusable files and components available to your workspace members.


Learn how to use UXPressia to establish taxonomy for journey mapping

Adapting UXPressia to your organization’s standards

Learn how to make your organization’s mapping standards work in UXPressia


See how you can collaborate with your team and clients

Export, Presenting, Printing

Find out everything about exporting, printing, and presenting your maps and personas


Having troubles or seeing error messages? Look for a quick solution here.


Find out how your can integrate UXPressia with other platforms

Billing and Account Actions

Our pricing plans, payment instructions, invoicing - it's all here.

UXPressia Academy

Read about our interactive learning platform and available courses