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How SSO and MFA work in UXPressia
How SSO and MFA work in UXPressia

Everything you wanted to know about SSO and MFA in UXPressia

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Our standard Single Sign-On (SSO) method is Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). It’s instantly available and requires a little setup.

Note: There’s a newly added SSO method (SSO via Okta (OIDC)). To learn more about enabling it or any other SSO methods, please contact us via the chat or drop us a line at

Setting up MFA

To configure a multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your company, take the following steps:

  • Configure MFA in your company’s MS Azure Active Directory. This should be done by your admins, as they can define access rules according to your security policies.

Note: We don’t need any metadata from your side at this step.

  • When logging in/signing up to UXPressia, click on the Microsoft icon:

sso in uxpressia

  • Enter your Microsoft credentials to be authorized according to the settings defined by your company’s admin.

microsoft signin in uxpressia

That’s it!

Below is the level of permissions the UXPressia app receives when you use Azure SSO:

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