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Generate a persona’s photo

Learn how you can generate the right photo for your persona

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Adding a true-to-life photo is critical to creating a persona that will truly awaken empathy. UXPressia Personas Online tool comes with a photo section where you can set up any photo you like.

adding a persona image

Choose the option that fits you best:

  • Upload a photo from your computer;

  • Select one of the preset images based on your parameters;

  • Ask AI to generate a photo for you based on your description.

Generating persona images with AI

The AI image generator lets you generate several persona images at a time based on your description.

  • To generate images, open the AI tab of the Persona image generator and write the description:

generating a persona image with AI
  • Click ‘Generate’ to see the generated images:

ai persona images
  • Click on the image you like and hit ‘Apply’:

apply a persona photo

If you don’t like the generated images, change your description accordingly and regenerate the images.

Note: This feature is available to Enterprise users only.

Learn more about creating effective data-based personas at UXPressia Academy.

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