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Design View overview

Learn what Design View is and how to use it

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In your organization, there might be different journey mapping initiatives, which, in their turn, might be connected to each other in some way.

Design View lets you get a complete overview of such initiatives, identify relations between them, and zoom in from high-level to more detailed, narrow-scope journey maps.

Note: Design View is available only for Enterprise users.

You can start with the 3 default levels:

  • Ecosystem—a high-level overview for each service within the bigger company.

  • Strategic—a service-level overview of the journey or persona.

  • Tactical—detailed journeys and personas.

design view levels

Arrange your maps and personas within default levels or create your own levels for more complex visualizations.

Additionally, you can filter out certain document types (e.g., exclude personas and impact maps) or even hide specific documents.

filtering out certain document types

⚠️ Note: To add documents with a specific personal tag, you need to have access to this tag.

Relations between maps and personas

Connect your maps or personas to show relations between them. To create a connection, hover over the map/persona to see a purple dot and then drag to draw the arrow from this map/persona to another one.

Relations between maps and personas

⚠️ Note: All connections are vertical, top to bottom.

Exporting Design View

You can also export your Design View as a PNG or PDF file.

export the design view
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