To add a new customer journey map,

  • Open up the project to which you want to add a new map.

  • Click on the ADD NEW button.

  • You'll see a pop-up window in which you need to select either a blank CJM or one of the suggested templates.

new CJM
  • Once you hit ADD, a new map will appear in the project and it will open up automatically. 

Adding a journey map from the template page

To add a journey map template with persona from UXPressia template page, open the template's page and click on the "Create CJM" button. After that:

  • Select the workspace (you default workspace or "shared with me");

  • Select the project where you want to add the template. You can either add it to one of the existing projects or create a new one (the "Create New Project" option is at the bottom of the project list).

add a template

⚠️ Note that to add a CJM template to a project shared with you or any other project which you can access, you should have a Contributor role there. If you don’t have any shared-with-you projects, you won’t be able to add a customer journey map there.

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