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How to set up metrics
How to set up metrics

Learn how to set up manual and automated metrics for your team inside UXPressia

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In UXPressia, you can embed different metrics into your maps and personas, connecting your customer experience data with the customer journey and business KPIs.

There are two types of metrics you can leverage:

  • Manual

  • Automated

To have metrics in your map or persona, you need to set it up in the Team Library.

metrics library.gif

Here, you will see all the metrics set up for this workspace.

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How to set up manual metrics

Manual metrics are the metrics that allow workspace contributors to log entries for them manually.

  • To add a new manual metric, click ‘Add metric.’

pasted image 0.png

  • Select the metric type:

    • NPS;

    • CSAT;

    • CES;

    • Other (number);

    • Other (%).

⚠️ Need a different metric type? Let us know in the chat or drop us a line at

pasted image 0.png

  • Add the metric’s details: a title, target value, description, etc.

saving a new manual metric.gif

For the ‘other’ type, specify a display name to show in your documents.

pasted image 0.png
  • When you are done, save the metric.

How to log metric entries

The next step after saving a manual metric is logging entries for it.

You can do that either from the all metrics page...

adding metrics from the all metrics page.gif

...or from the metric’s page.

logging metrics from the metric page.gif

Depending on your metric’s type, you will need to log different data. For CES, CSAT and NPS this would be a number of respondents that selected each choice in the appropriate question of the survey:

  • CES

  • NPS

  • CSAT


For Other type metrics, you can just enter a value (a number or %) and optionally log the number of respondents. For some metrics (e.g. User churn), the number of respondents is not needed, so leave the field blank.

  • Other (number)

  • Other (%)


Note: The entry date should be unique for each metric. You can’t log several metric’s entries with different values for the same date.

All metric entries will be shown both in table and chart views:


Remember to log new entries to manual metrics regularly to ensure that your metrics are up-to-date.

How to set up automated metrics

UXPressia integrates with Qualtrics, which allows you to pull survey data to the workspace and use it in your documents.

Note: Only Enterprise plan users can use this integration.

To start pulling data from Qualtrics, you need to connect UXPressia with your Qualtrics account.

When the integration is enabled, all workspace contributors will be able to create metrics using data from Qualtrics surveys.

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