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How document statuses work
How document statuses work

Learn how to manage customer journey map, impact map, and persona document statuses in UXPressia

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In UXPressia, we have a default set of document statuses to apply to your maps and personas so that you can track your team's progress:

  • Kick-off;

  • Mapping;

  • Ideation;

  • Validation;

  • Implementation;

  • Support;

  • On hold.

You can assign a status within Document Settings from several places:

  • Document page

document settings on the document page
  • Tag page

document settings on the tag page
  • Dashboard page

document settings on the dashboard page

You can customize default document statuses to reflect the process used in your organization. To do so, go to Workspaces > Taxonomy.

Note: Only Pro users can manage statuses.

  • Click on the Statuses.

document statuses
  • The statuses page will open up:

document statuses page
  • For each status, you can assign a custom name and icon.

creating a document status

You can also see the list of documents with a specific status here.

Document statuses in the Design View

Document statuses are also visible in the Design View.

document statuses in design view

In this View, you can also filter documents by their status.

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