At UXPressia, we believe that keeping your workplace in order is key to greater productivity and more efficient team collaboration. That’s why your Dashboard has a number of features that will help you keep all your projects and artifacts organized and easily accessible. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Workspaces and Projects

The first tab in the left panel of the Dashboard opens the list of projects shared in your workspace. Projects in UXPressia work like containers for your journey maps and personas.

All projects that are created by you or your teammates will show on that list.

Then you have the “Shared with me” tab that shows all the projects shared with you personally. 

⚠️ If you have the role of a contributor in more than 1 workspace, you can switch between workspaces through the left panel. Read more about workspaces in UXPressia here.


Project folders allow you to keep your dashboard nice and clean, and they act like tags or filters. The folder structure will look exactly the same for all the workspace contributors. More on folders here.

Project table

All your projects are listed in a table that looks like this:

This list of projects looks exactly the same to all the workspace contributors and viewers. The project table lets you sort, share, copy, present, move and delete your projects without having to open them.

Project page

Each project has its own page where you can add goals and description of the project to give your team more context for their work. Besides that, it contains some project metadata like the list of users who have access to the project and the table with all the artifacts in it.

To see how maps and personas inside the project are connected, switch to the Connections view:

relations between documents in the project

UXPressia demo

Want to learn more about the platform's functionality and see how to build journey maps and personas?

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