At UXPressia we love to keep things nice and clean. We don't want our maps and personas to be scattered all over the place, that's why we keep them organized by projects. And the dashboard is where all your projects live.

Note. If you are a member of several workspaces, your projects also belong to different workspaces. Make sure to open the necessary workspace before starting to work. To switch a workspace from the dashboard, click the dropdown arrow near the workspace name. Choose the necessary workspace from the pop-up menu.

Dashboard has 3 sections:

  • My Projects section holds projects either created by you or projects that someone made you the owner of.
  • Shared With Workspace section holds projects that are shared between all workspace members either to edit or to view only.
  • Shared With Me section stores the project shared with you via email by other users.

Note: You can not have maps or personas outside of a project.

Also, you can have as many projects as you want. As long as you have a Pro account. Otherwise, the number of projects you can have at once is limited to one.

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