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Dashboard overview

UXPressia dashboard 101. Learn the basics of the dashboard.

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On the Dashboard, you can see documents, Chunks, and tags.

Documents and Chunks within the current workspace

By default, each time you open your Dashboard, you see a table with all maps and personas that are available to you within this specific workspace.

Besides the documents, you can also observe all Chunks from this workspace:


Use the Table View to group, sort, and filter documents and Chunks. You can save your preferences as Custom Views to get back to them later on:

dashboard overview.gif

The Dashboard also has Design View (available to Enterprise users) to see the hierarchy and relations between different documents:

Design View with chunks.gif

Note: The number of documents available to you depends on the workspace’s pricing plan.

Tags overview

The list of documents & chunks you see on the Dashboard depends on the tags assigned to them.

Tags are the keywords that users can attach to any document or Chunk inside the workspace in order to simplify grouping, filtering, and managing access.

By default, you will see:

  • All the documents and Chunks tagged with the workspace’s tags;

  • Documents and Chunks with personal tags shared with you directly within this workspace;

  • Documents and Chunks you created with and without tags. A lock icon indicates that no one else has access but you:

    document with a personal tag

If you have many documents or Chunks, especially when working in a big team, consider cleaning up your Dashboard for a more comprehensive overview of your work.


Tag page

Each tag has its own page where you can add goals and some overall description to give your team more context for their work. There, you can also see the list of people who have access to that tag and manage their access levels.

All documents and Chunks with that tag are displayed in the table:


The Connections View shows how maps and personas are connected inside the tag:

connections view.gif

Other workspaces

In case if you have a contributor or viewer role in several workspaces, you can switch between them in the left panel:

switching between orkspaces.gif

Read more about workspaces in UXPressia here.

Shared with me

The “Shared with me” section shows all the documents shared with you personally:

shared with me tab

UXPressia pre-recorded demo

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