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How to transfer Mural journey maps to UXPressia
How to transfer Mural journey maps to UXPressia

Want to move your Mural journey maps to UXPressia? This guide shows you how to do it step by step.

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Step 1: Create a UXPressia account

Before you start a Big Exodus, you need to create a UXPressia account.

Sign up for UXPressia

Once you sign up and confirm your email address, log in at, and you will see your dashboard page.

Congrats, you’re in!

Choose the plan that fits your project best.

uxpressia paid plans

Step 2: Create a project

Create a project where your persona(s) and map(s) will be located.

A new project in UXPressia

Step 3: Transfer your persona from Mural to UXPressia

As an example, we will recreate the following journey map from Mural in UXPressia:

A Mural persona and customer journey map

First, add a blank persona to your UXPressia project.

adding persona in uxpressia

If the Mural persona has some outline, copy-paste it to the persona description at the top of the document. See more about this section.

A mural with a persona
The persona description section in UXPressia

Add your persona’s name.

Pro tip: There are also the market size and persona’s type blocks in UXPressia. Complete them, too, if you have these data.

The market size and persona's type blocks at UXPressia

Then, add a photo of your persona to a profile by uploading it from your computer. In case you want to change an original one, UXPressia has a rich collection of those in the photo generator.

The photo generator at UXPressia

Now all you need to do is copy and paste the information from Mural to UXPressia, filling in Demographic, Channels, Skills, and other blocks that speak for themselves.

The text editing functionality will help you keep your persona neat.

To show some stats describing your persona, you can use a regular text block or the Chart section.

This is how your end-result may look like.

A UXPressia persona example

Step 4: Re-create your customer journey map

Open your UXPressia project and add a blank customer journey map to it.

A new map adding in UXPressia

Add more stages and sections that suit the format of your choice and delete unnecessary ones.

You can add various sections to your UXPressia map

Then rename the stages according to your Mural map.

A mural with a customer journey map
Stages are on a UXPressia customer journey map

Start with transferring suggestions, tips, and ideas from your Mural outline into the map description section. You can add more blocks if needed.

Pro tip: Set up font and background settings for all text blocks on your map to save your time editing.

You can set up a default font for all text blocks on your UXPressia map

Filling in your map with content, you can configure your journey’s stages, manage their background colors and text fonts, add icons and links to them, etc.

You can configure all stages of your UXPressia map

Pro tip: Add your company’s branding attributes to use in your UXPressia maps while exporting them and take advantage of your company colors when working on a map.

The branding possibilities at UXPressia

To illustrate the customer’s actions, add pics to the Image section. You can upload those you used in Mural or search for suitable options in the Storyboard Gallery.

After you're done with the text and images, move on to the most emotional part of your journey - customer’s feelings. You can use the experience section for that purpose.

The emoticon collection at UXPressia

Transferring emotions from your Mural map to UXPressia, you can also add your customer’s quotes to the graph.

Since showing customer’s actions as processes is available in Mural, you may want to add a similar section to your UXPressia map as well.

A mural with a process graph

Use the Process and Channels section where your customer’s actions can be visualized as linear, non-linear, ongoing, and bi-directional processes. The process graph also includes common channels people use to communicate with your brand. As a result, this section clearly shows your customer’s behavior.

The process and channels section at UXPressia

Pro tip: When it comes to illustrating customer’s interactions with your other personas who are involved in the same journey, use the Personas section where Mural’s sticky notes and connectors can be repeated with arrows and text boxes.

By filling in basic and additional sections, you will be able to create a very illustrative and detailed journey map like this one.

Finally, add your persona to your map.

Well done!

Bonus: mapping cheat sheets for UXPressia newbies

Take a look at these free educational resources to save your time.

First, you can watch our pre-recorded demo for new users. It will give you an idea of the UXPressia platform functionality before you start map creation with the tool.

Second, keep on hand UXPressia Help Center how-to articles and step-by-step tutorials to find answers to each of your questions.

Happy mapping!

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