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How to visualize interaction flows between different personas

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Sometimes you might have different personas who participate in the same process, but they are involved at different stages and play different roles.

To visualize their interactions, use the Personas section:

personas interactions

Add persona-specific tiles and fill them out with the necessary information and take advantage of icons.

how the personas section works

You can also leverage the arrows to make the interactions visible to everyone without having to read the text.

Note: To draw an arrow, you need to connect two dots.

personas section arrows

You can select arrow weight, style, direction, arrow text, color, or remove it.

personas section arrows format

You can also can some text (e.g., comments) together with arrows to give your team even more context about the interaction. To delete a comment, delete the text inside the comment box.

comments for interactions

You can also move comments:

move comments

Note: If you delete a persona, tiles with this persona information will be also deleted from the Personas section. To hide a persona you temporarily don’t need, click on the eye icon on the right of the persona’s name.

You can also hide Personas in a specific map View.

Note: To visualize interactions in the Personas section, you need to have at least two personas linked to the map.

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