When you want brand up your final deliverable, nothing does it better than putting your logo on top of the map or persona. And UXPressia lets you set it all up in a couple of clicks.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Head over to your workspace page and click the BRANDING tab.

  2. Upload your logo —  the SVG format is ideal as it's the most scalable, but PNG with a transparent background will do as well.

  3. Set the background and text colors, link to your company website and optionally the name of your company (or any text you want to show next to the logo).

  4. Toggle the switch on top and here ya go — now, you and all workspace members will have the ability to use branded export.

Each time you click export in the CJM, Persona, or Impact Mapping tool, you'll be prompted with this dialog window where you can toggle custom branding. It is ON by default.

branded export

UXPressia tutorial

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