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How to transfer Smaply journey maps and personas to UXPressia by yourself
How to transfer Smaply journey maps and personas to UXPressia by yourself

Considering switching from Smaply to UXPressia? Let us know to get assistance with transferring your projects to our platform.

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Transferring maps and personas you created with Smaply into UXPressia is easy — all you need to do is copy and paste multiple times. Here’s how to transfer a map with basic sections:

  • Create a new project inside UXPressia first. If you set up a company workspace, be sure to create the project in this workspace, not your personal one.

  • Add a new Persona to your UXPressia project and copy text from your Smaply persona section by section and paste it into the corresponding sections of our Persona tool. As there’s a wider selection of sections available, be creative and feel free to use those that you find most suitable.

Personal workspace in the UXPressia CJM tool
  • If you have some journey map info, copy and paste it into the Map Description section.

Journey info in Smaply
Map description in UXPressia
  • Now go ahead and copy your Stage tiles and paste them into UXPressia.

    Stages in Smaply
    Stages in UXPressia

  • Apply formatting if necessary.

    Configure stage in UXPressia
  • Copy step titles and paste them into substages.

    Substages in UXPressia

If you have more than one step under the section, create the corresponding number of substages under the stage in UXPressia.

  • If you have some text sections, copy and paste their content into text-based sections.

    Text sections in UXPressia

  • Save images used in the map’s Storyboard section on your computer and upload them to UXPressia’s Image section.

    Storyboard in Smaply
    Image section in UXPressia

  • As for channels, there are two options of how to add them:

    1. You can place channels in the Channels section, introducing the same channel naming you had in your map:

    Channels in Smaply
    Channels in UXPressia

    2. Or you can add them to the Process & Channels section if you want to visualize processes as well.

    Process and channels in UXPressia
  • To transfer content from the emotional journey section, use UXPressia’s experience section.

    Emotional journey in Smaply
  • For transferring the dramatic arc section’s content, use the experience section too but rename it. You can switch off smileys and text under them in the section’s settings.

    Dramatic arc in UXPressia

  • Instead of separator lanes, you can use:

1. Empty sections with deleted cells.

Empty section as a separator

2. Collapsed sections.

Collapsed section as a separator

3. Color coding of the section title background, backed up by the legend in the Map Description section.

Color coding as a separator
  • If you have a file lane, save files from it to your computer and upload them to the Document section.

Document section

  • To display the Google Spreadsheet data you have in the live data lane, publish the Google Sheet you used in Smaply to the web (File > Share > Publish to web) and click Embed on the popup window. Then copy the code and paste it into the embed code section. The spreadsheet will appear inside it.

    Embed code

If the data source is not a Google Spreadsheet itself, feel free to try embedding the source document in the same section. If you pull data from Google Analytics or Mixpanel, leverage integration with them through the funnel section.

  • To link your journey maps, use the linking of journey map stages and substages.

    Linking maps in Smaply
    Linking maps and personas in UXPressia

  • To visualize the backstage processes you had in your Smaply’s map, leverage the Personas section.

    Visualizing in Smaply

    To make it work, create personas with the same titles you had in the backstage section and add them to your map. Then add the Personas section and link your main and backstage personas to it. Now use tiles, text, and arrows to repeat what you have in the backstage lane.

Personas section in UXPressia

Alternatively, you can always use any text-based section instead.

That’s pretty much it. Good luck with transferring your maps and personas to our platform!

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