Every journey map starts with a persona. There are 2 ways you can add a persona to a journey map.

1. Create a persona beforehand

The first option is to create a persona beforehand and then select it inside the customer journey map editor. Just click on the persona Add Persona button on the left panel and you'll see a popup window with all personas that live inside the project you're currently working with.

You can add multiple personas to the same map.

multiple personas on a single cjm

2. Create persona inside the map editor

You can also create a persona from the inside of the CJM editor. Just open the ADD PERSONA popup, upload an image, and a new persona will be created automatically.

You can edit it in the Personas Tool any time by clicking the blue button EDIT IN PERSONAS.

Note: To use personas' photo generator, you need to create a persona in the Personas Tool, not in the CJM editor.

Pro tip: You can also add a persona to the Process and channels section.

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