Sometimes you might want to show experience of several personas on a single customer journey map. At this point, there is no native functionality for having multiple personas in one map in UXPressia. Although, we plan to add something like this later this year. It will look somewhat like this:

Meanwhile, you might want to try either of these two workarounds:

1. Group Personas

Create a persona file for a group of personas and then map their journey. This will work best if they all have pretty much the same experience.

2. Squeeze Personas into A Single Document

Knowing that the background section is the one that shows in the left panel on journey maps, you can add additional personas with their basic info to this specific section. Just add some dashes, a new name, upload a photo and add some text.

You can use color coding for separation as well. Check this out:

Then once you link the persona to the journey map you will have actually two personas sitting to the left of the map. And then you can design you map to reflect the experience of both your personas. Feel free to use color coding to make the distinction clear and you map to stand out a bit more.

Get a pre-cooked template for this on our template page here.

3. Use a Separate Section for Personas 

Another workaround - and it works best for the cases when you have multiple decision makers at a certain stage - is to use a separate section on your CJM to add personas to.

It's a combination from the previous workaround, plus an additional section with tables that allows for placing a number of images and captions to represent personas.

This might be a little tricky to do on your own, so we created a pre-cooked template for this.

These are the primary workarounds so far. We'll definitely let you know once the native support for multiple personas is available.

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