Sometimes you might want to show the experience of several personas on a single customer journey map. Luckily for you, UXPressia has got you covered.

To add multiple personas to the same map, you need to either create them in the Personas Tool beforehand or create them right in the CJM editor.

How to add personas to your journey map

Hit the “ADD PERSONA” button on the left panel and you’ll see a popup window with all personas that you have inside your project. Click on the persona you want to have in your map and repeat this action as many times as you need.

add multiple personas

To create a persona in the CJM editor, upload an image using the ADD PERSONA popup, and a new persona will be created automatically.

add a new persona

How to add personas to map sections

When there are 2 or more personas on the same journey map, you can additionally specify what sections relate to each of them.

By default, all journey map sections are generic and are meant to display information, which is not persona-specific. But you can show differences between personas’ behavior within the same section.

Click on the “+ADD PERSONA” button under “All personas” to add a persona of your choice to the section.

add personas to sections

Note: The “All personas” option might be especially useful when working with Problems and Pain points sections to gather the issues which are common to each persona and should be addressed first.

If you don't have anything generic, which is applicable to all personas in the same way, replace "All personas" by a single persona to describe its details.

add personas to sections

How to illustrate emotional journeys of different personas

In the experience section, you can add emotional journeys of all personas that you have on your map.

Read more on the experience section here.

How to visualize interactions between personas

Using the Personas section makes sense when you have different personas on one map, and these personas interact with each other and have more differences than similarities.

In this section, you can visualize interaction flows between personas who are involved in the same process at different stages...

visualize interactions between personas

.. and add annotations next to arrows to provide additional details and capture channels they use.

Note: if you want to compare personas’ journeys, use the multi-persona functionality instead.

How to filter personas

Filtering personas will help you to focus on one experience at a time. Hide the personas you don't need while tailoring the map for a particular persona, and then bring them back to compare their journeys.

Go to the left panel to filter personas:

How to replace personas

You can replace one persona with another one, which is useful if you want, for instance, to delete a persona but need to keep all the persona-related information in the map.

replace personas

By replacing one persona with another, you reassign all persona-specific subsections to the new persona.

Note: The “switch” is available if you have at least one persona inside your project that is not linked to the map. In all other cases, you’ll see the following message:

switch not available

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