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Discounts for students and educators
Discounts for students and educators

Educational pricing for universities and schools

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We believe in the power of learning. That’s why we have a special offer for people related to educational institutions, from primary school to university. It’s a free access to our PRO features: 1 month for students and as-long-as-a-course-takes for educators.

How to apply?

If you’re a student, fill in this form.

Be ready to provide the following information:

  • Educational institution name;

  • Degree you’re pursuing;

  • Сourse name;

  • Confirmation document (school ID card, report card, transcript, tuition bill or statement or any other document issued by your educational institution with its name, your full name, and current date);

  • University-issued email address.

If you’re an educator, apply here.

We would ask you to provide:

  • Educational institution name;

  • Course name;

  • Course level;

  • Course’s start and end dates;

  • Number of students ;

  • Educational institution-issued email address.

Note: only the applicant gets the coupon and can activate the PRO features. You can’t apply on behalf of someone else. Educators don’t have to ask each student to apply — you’ll be able to add them all as contributors to your project.

You’re approved. What next?

  1. Create an account on, using your educational institution-issued email. If you already have such, skip this step.

  2. Activate the coupon you got. Has your plan upgraded to PRO? Good.

  3. If you’re an educator, invite your students as contributors into your workspace. Students will receive links to join your workspace. Those who don't have UXPressia accounts will need to register at our platform.

    Once they log in, they will have 2 workspaces on their dashboard: the shared workspace which is on PRO and the Personal workspace.

    workspaces panel

    It makes sense to rename your workspace to prevent confusion with the workspaces named the same. You can do that in the workspace settings.

    Here is how to switch between workspaces from the dashboard: Switch between workspaces.

    Be sure to advise your students to create projects in the PRO workspace and not in the personal one (they will have the 'PRO' sign next to the workspace name). This way, they will be able to utilize all PRO features: create an unlimited number of projects, share their work with all workspace members, export their work in PDF, use Presenting mode, etc.

  4. If you’re a student, start using the PRO features right away.

  5. Students and educators both, check out CJM Guide and Persona Guide that will help you to start with UXPressia.

    As for the tool itself here's a quick CJM Online tutorial. Also, we got a load of templates you can use for free. There are map examples and helpful links on each template page. And be sure to check out our Help Center.

  6. Happy mapping!

Use cases

Case #1: I’m an educator and I want my students not to see each other’s works.

Students can have private projects (seen only by them) within the same workspace. To do this, a student has to put a project into the private folder. To share this project with somebody else, they need to send an invitation to this user.

Note: you as an educator can’t make a student’s project private. Each contributor has their own private folder and must put their project inside by themselves. The educator can’t access others’ private projects until those are shared.

Case #2: My class is divided into groups of 5 or 6 students. Each group of students needs to create a persona and CJM. If I invite all of my students to my personal workspace, is it possible for each group to work independently from other groups such that members of a group can only see their own work?

In this case, creating different workspaces for each group will be a better idea.

Workspaces are separate working environments that let you create multiple independent teams and make sure that the projects they're working on are completely isolated.

Ask to add you as a member to all of your students’ workspaces, thus you will be able to see the artifacts of each group.

Switching between workspaces is simple: go to the left panel on your dashboard and click on the name of the workspace you

Any questions left? Drop us a line at

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