How to hide and delete tags

Don't need a tag? Learn how to hide or delete it.

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In UXPressia, you can either hide tags and all documents associated with these tags from your dashboard or permanently remove specific tags from your workspace.

Temporarily hiding tags

If you don't want certain tags to be displayed on the dashboard page (for example, the documents with these tags are currently on hold, or someone else works with them), you can configure what you see by hiding the tags.

  • You can hide the tags only for yourself. To do this, open the dashboard configuration settings and hide the tags.

All documents with this tag will be hidden as well. This won’t affect anyone else in your workspace.

  • Hiding tags for everyone in the workspace. Go to Workspace > Taxonomy > Tags and hide the tag(s) your team doesn't need at the moment.



  • If you have some adjustments made through the "Configure dashboard" popup, you need to click the 'Reset' option on the popup to apply the visibility change you've done in the 'Taxonomy' section.

    reset the dahshboard
  • Your own private tags can only be hidden on your Dashboard via the 'Configure Dashboard' popup.

Permanently deleting tags

If you don't need a tag anymore, you can permanently delete it.

Note: When permanently deleting a tag, access to the documents that had this tag may become restricted.

  • If documents have no other tags, they will be available only to their owners and people with whom these docs were shared individually.

  • If the docs have other tags, the access level will depend on with whom the remaining tags are shared and the sharing settings of a specific map or persona. If you have doubts regarding access settings for a particular document, check the sharing popup:

Only workspace contributors can delete tags.

Deleting tags from the Dashboard page

If you need to delete a tag, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the dashboard configuration popup;

  • Click the 'Delete' icon near the target tag;

  • Confirm the deletion.

Once done, the tag will be deleted and no longer available in your tag list.

Deleting tags from the Tags section

  • Go to Workspace > Taxonomy > Tags

  • Select the tags you want to delete permanently

  • Click 'Delete' and confirm the action

deleting tags forever

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