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How to invite teammates to your workspace
How to invite teammates to your workspace

Learn how to invite and set roles of workspace members

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To invite a new member to a workspace, go to your workspace settings:

going to workspace settings

Click on the Invite Users button on the General tab of the workspace you want to invite someone to. 

⚠️ Before inviting the user, double-check if you are in the right workspace.

inviting users

Type in the user's email and specify their role in the workspace and their level of access to the workspace dashboard and projects. You can choose several roles at a time.

You can find the list of available roles along with descriptions here.

user invitation settings

Note that only Super Admins and Workspace Admins can invite new users to a workspace. Super Admins can invite an unlimited number of users, while Workspace Admins are limited by the number of prepaid licenses. Learn more on roles and permissions here.

To change the role of an existing user, check out this article.

Case: Inviting contributors to paid workspaces with different plans

For example, you have two workspaces:

  • The first one is a Pro workspace

pro workspace

And the second one is a Starter workspace.

starter workspace

Let’s imagine that you pay for:

  • 3 contributors in the Pro workspace

  • and 1 contributor in the Starter workspace

To have more contributors in any of the workspaces, you will need to pay for new contributors separately according to the pricing plan applied to this specific workspace where you want to have a larger number of contributors.

This means you cannot use a Contributor seat remaining in your Pro workspace to invite a new contributor to your Starter workspace. To invite a new contributor to the Starter workspace, you will need to buy one more Contributor seat in this workspace.

If you want to share with your teammate a specific map and/or persona, check out this article about project-sharing options.

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