Having a way to tell your customer’s story with just a few images is a great time-saver and gives you a huge advantage in getting your point across. While we are still working on a full-fledged media library, you can add up to the visual punch of your journey maps by using our Storyboard gallery. 

A storyboard is a number of pictures that help you get a better understanding and translate to others what exactly your customers go through at each stage of their journey. Here is what it looks like on a customer journey map.

How to use it

To open the Storyboard, open the text formatter by selecting any text on your journey map. After that, click on the “Insert image” button (Ctrl + P) on the text formatter and select the folder icon.

You will see a full Storyboard gallery with 170+ pictures. Use them to capture everything that can’t be put into words :) And you can download many Storyboard images for free.

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