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How to add images to the Image Library
How to add images to the Image Library

Learn how to create your own image collection to use across your projects

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The Images Library is a shared repository of images that can be used by all workspace contributors in their journey maps, impact maps, and personas.

Note: Being a part of the Team Library, it is available only in the Pro workspaces.

How it works:

1. Upload or drop PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG, and GIF images (30 MB per file) to the Image Library.

You can apply formatting, such as rotate, crop, scale or flip, and rename the image afterwards.

Image formatting

2. When working on your maps/personas, select an image from the Image Library

Image Library icon

Note: You can edit the image after adding it by opening it in a preview popup window.

Image's preview popup window

Editing the image inside the map/persona won’t affect the original image inside the Team library. This might be helpful when you need to cut a bigger image into smaller pieces to use them in different sections.

When editing an image in the Team library, you can decide if you want to automatically apply the same changes in all the maps/personas using the image. This might save you some time when you want to replace an obsolete image without manually rechecking all the maps using it.

Saving an image after editing with a possibility to replace its copies everywhere

Note: If you choose to automatically update all images, this action can not be undone.

More Team Library functionality is coming soon!

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