How to change colors of CJM tiles

Learn how to use change color of customer journey map tiles

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Customer journey mapping is all about visualizing, and adding colors to your map is a great way to make it more impactful.

How to paint CJM sections

There are 2 ways to paint the sections of your journey map.

Color a single box in a row

Click on the tiny stripe located on the left side of a text box and then choose any color you want.

Color the entire row

If you want to change the color of the entire section row, 

  • Hover to the section’s name.

  • Click on the formatter picker icon. 

journey map text formatting
  • You’ll see a popup window where you can pick the font, its size, and color, as well as background colors for the tiles. There’s also the PREVIEW section where you can preview a new design.

text formatting in the journey mapping tool

If you want to have a wider choice of colors, you can add brand colors to the color picker.

How to use section coloring in journey mapping

You can use color-coding to:

  • Highlight the problematic or successful steps of the customer journey, as well as moments of truth and ideas/opportunities.

  • Add your company's or client's brand color to make the map look more in line with the corporate style.

branding a customer journey map
  • Visually separate frontstage and backstage processes while creating a service blueprint.

color coding cjm
  • Make stages and substages visually stand out over the sections. 

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