Internal branding is part and parcel of the internal marketing strategy. And internal branding starts with using brand colors across all the company artifacts.

Here is how you can enable those in the color selector inside the UXPressia tool:

  • Toggle the COMPANY BRANDING switch on top.

  • Scroll down to the Brand Colors section.

  • Here you can manage the color palette by disabling default colors and adding custom/brand colors. To hide a default color from the palette, hover over the target color and click on it. 

To re-enable the color, come back to the section and click on the color you want to re-enable.

How to add brand colors to the palette

  • To add your brand color to the palette, hit the ADD NEW COLOR under Brand Colors.

  • In the popup, choose the color you want to add and click on the DONE button.

And don’t forget to hit the SAVE button once you’re done to save the changes.

The brand colors you added will appear in the color selector, and the ones that you disable will disappear from it. 

⚠️ Note that in case you disable colors that you or your teammates previously used in some maps or personas, these colors won’t disappear from the documents. Still, you won’t be able to find them in the palette until someone re-enables these colors in the settings.

Brand colors to paint folders

Once added to the palette, brand colors can also be used to paint folders in the workspace. 

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