Exploring CJM Sections

Check out how you can utilize the multitude of sections in Customer Journey Online Tool

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The Customer Journey Online tool features 20+ different sections you can use to create maps that are extremely rich in detail and cover every single aspect of your customers' journeys.

Start exploring CJM sections by clicking the + ADD SECTION button located in the bottom-left corner of the editor. Select the section you need and click "Add".

cjm sections

You will see a whole lot of section options with short hints to help you get started. 

Feel free to add sections in any order. You can rearrange them anytime by drag-and-drop.

You can also collapse and expand sections if you want.

Note: When you export a map with collapsed sections, they won’t be shown on the exported map.

Tooltips on hover

You can edit section-specific tooltips. To see a tooltip, hover over a section’s title for a few seconds.

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