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How to add touchpoints to a journey map

Learn how to start using touchpoints in your CJMs

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To display touchpoints on your customer journey map, you need to have them in the project with this map. By default, all touchpoints newly added to the workspace will be available in all of your maps inside the workspace.

  • Open up the journey map and go to the Touchpoints section on the left panel to add these touchpoints to your map.

touchpoints in a customer journey map
  • Add the Touchpoints section to your CJM and start using it 😎

touchpoints section in a CJM

Alternatively, you can just add the Touchpoints section and start typing. All touchpoints you select will automatically appear on the left panel.

Note: If you move a CJM with touchpoints to another workspace, touchpoints will be automatically removed from the map as they are set up for one workspace only.

Another way to include touchpoints in your map is to add them to the Process and channels section.

touchpoints in the process and channels section

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