The View Settings feature lets you create custom views of your journey map and choose which of its stages and sections will be visible and which of them will be hidden in each view.

You can use this feature when you need to:

  • hide the persona panel before exporting the journey map;

  • present your large customer journey map in pieces to give your viewers a better understanding of its structure;

  • hide a specific persona and information pieces related to it;

  • divide the work among your team. Each of the team members will be able to focus on the parts of the journey map they are responsible for.

  • hide the draft parts of your journey map before presenting it to the team.

customer journey map views

Here is how you add a new view.

1. Navigate to the toolbar and click the “Default view” button. Select “Add view”.

2. In the “View Setting” popup, type in the name of your view and select the sections and stages that will be visible on it. Save the view.

journey map view settings

You can easily edit, delete and navigate among the created views. You will find the list of created views under the view button in the toolbar.

Note: Views are not different maps so if you change a section in one view, it will also change in all the others that have this section enabled.

UXPressia tutorial

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