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Renaming journey map stages and sections, adding icons
Renaming journey map stages and sections, adding icons

Learn how to rename stages and sections in your journey map and add icons to the titles of a stage or substage.

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Giving the right names to stages and sections is essential. Whether you're creating a journey map from scratch or working with a pre-filled template of ours, you'll need to know how titles can be assigned and changed.

Renaming sections

By default, when you add a section though the 'Add section' button, it already has a certain name: process, channels, user goals, etc. The same goes for working with a template.
To rename a section, hover over its name and type in a new one:

renaming a section

Naming and renaming stages/substages

To give a name to a blank stage or substage, hover over the text stub and start typing:

naming a blank stage

If you want to change an existing stage or substage name, do the same:

renaming a substage

As simple as that!

Adding icons to stages/substages

You can add emojis and symbols to the names of stages and substages. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand of words.

Open the stage (or substage) configuration window by clicking on the settings icon on its right side:

configuring a stage

Go to the Links & Icons tab and choose the symbols you like:

adding icons to the stage

Hit 'Apply' once you're done with selecting the icon and its placement (before or after the title).

stage with an icon

Problem solved :)

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