Moving CJM is an extremely powerful feature since it allows not only to change maps order inside of a project but also to move them across multiple projects! This can be used to create your own templates.

To move a customer journey map grab it by the left corner where there's a sandwich-icon and drag it either around the project or all the way to another project.

Note: Sometimes, when moving CJM to another project, you may see a warning that some Persona (-s) and Impact Maps will also be moved. It happens because the CJM you are trying to move is linked to a Persona that is also linked to another map.

Here's how to deal with this:

  • If you do not plan to reuse the linked Persona in the new project, simply remove the Persona from the CJM you want to move. After that, you can easily move the CJM into a new project.
  • If you want to have the same Persona in a new project, before moving the map copy the Persona and assign it to the CJM you want to move. This will allow you to move both the map and the Persona.

Note that moving feature is for Pro users only.

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