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How to add metrics to your impact maps
How to add metrics to your impact maps

Learn how to add metrics to your impact maps

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Having map-related metrics helps you connect your customer experience data with your business goals and expected impacts.

All metrics available in your workspace are configured in the Team library.

Adding metric on an impact map level

Map-level metrics are related to the journey as a whole. These can be:

  • NPS;

  • CSAT;

  • CES;

  • Customer lifetime value;

  • Customer retention rate;

  • Customer churn rate;

  • Customer referral rate;

  • Customer health score.

Map-level metrics are available in the following places:

  • IM settings

Adding metrics to an impact map.gif
  • The ‘Metrics’ section in the upper part of the map


You can select map-level metrics in any of those places, they will be synchronized automatically.

To add a new metric, go either to map setting or the ‘Metrics’ section above the map:

metrics in impact maps.gif

Viewing metric’s details

To view the metric’s details, click on the widget:

viewing impact map metrics.gif

That’s it!

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