Occasionally you might have trouble accessing UXPressia and see an error message saying that you are offline.

This might result from your network connection/environment issues or limitations.


To learn what happened, start with checking your WebSocket connections. For that, open the link http://websocketstest.com/.

You will see a similar screen if your connection supports Websockets:

websocket uxpressia

If the screen is different, most likely your connection doesn’t support Websockets. In this case, try the following:

  • Connecting to another network;

  • Turning on/off VPN.

If you use a corporate connection, reach out to your network administrators and request enabling Websocket connections on 80 and 443 (SSL) ports.


If you use a Firewall, be sure to allowlist UXPressia’s domain uxpressia.com.


If you use a proxy, you need to add a by-pass for our platform.

proxy uxpressia

To do that, ensure the following:

  • The server supports WebSocket (HTTP/2) connections.

  • The proxy HTTP version is 2.

  • Source port is 80. We use this port 80 for users who access UXPressia through HTTP to direct them to HTTPS.

  • The destination port is 443 (SSL). 443 is used for HTTPS.

  • The Protocol is HTTPS.

  • TLS is set as 1.2.

  • The timeout value on your proxy server is 120-180 seconds.

  • The proxy server does not truncate request and response headers. For that, the client should proxy the Upgrade and Connection headers.

Other issues

Still cannot access UXPressia? Contact our support team at support@uxpressia.com.

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