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How to transfer Touchpoint Dashboard journey maps to UXPressia
How to transfer Touchpoint Dashboard journey maps to UXPressia

Transferring Touchpoint Dashboard maps to UXPressia

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So, you decided to switch from Touchpoint Dashboard to UXPressia. You can either ask us for assistance or do everything by yourself.

  • First, create a new project inside UXPressia to locate your map and Customer Types (they are called Personas in our platform)

  • Create as many Personas as you have Customer Types in your Touchpoint Dashboard project by copy-pasting the information. For that, you will need the Personas Creation tool.

Customer Type in Touchpoint Dashboard

touchpoint dashboard persona

Customer Persona in UXPressia

touchpoint dashboard persona in UXPressia
  • Now go to the Touchpoints section in the Team library and create the same touchpoints you have in your Touchpoint Dashboard project.

For that, you need to...

1. Export your touchpoints from Touchpoint Dashboard as a CSV file.

touchpoint created in touchpoint dashboard

2. Upload them in the same to UXPressia’s Touchpoints Library.

A touchpoint imported to UXPressia will look like this:

touchpoint import in UXPressia

When importing is over, you can edit the touchpoints.

  • Now is the longest part: you need to transfer all your map Views to UXPressia

For that, you need to reproduce each map View in our platform and name it accordingly.

1. Create a new customer journey map in the CJM tool and name it.

2. Copy your map legend and ...

touchpoint dashboard map legend

paste it into Map Description.

map description added in UXPressia
  • Attach to the map Personas that are attached to the map View you’re reproducing.

journey map view added to UXPressia
  • Add to your UXPressia map as many stages as your TouchPoint Dashboard map View had and copy and paste stage titles to UXPressia. You can change the font and background color for stages if you want.

Tip: If your row descriptions contain text and images, copy and paste them into a separate text-based section. You can also adjust the stage width if you want.

- Row descriptions in Touchpoint Dashboard

transferring touchpoint dashboard row descriptions to UXPressia

- Stage descriptions in UXPressia

  • Next, add the touchpoints section and choose stage-specific touchpoints in the dropdown menu.

- Touchpoints in Touchpoint Dashboard

ouchpoints in Touchpoint Dashboard

- Touchpoints in UXPressia

Touchpoints in UXPressia
  • UXPressia has a separate section for channels, so feel free to add those from your map to it.

UXPressia channels section
  • If you use icons along with touchpoints in your Touchpoint Dashboard map, you can introduce those icons in the map description when transferring your map to UXPressia and then add them to touchpoint titles.

touchpoints with emojis in UXPressia
  • When reproducing Journey Views, you might need to display the emotional experience.

emotional experience in touchpoint dashboard

To do that, use the experience section.

experience section in UXPressia
  • For text and icons, use the text section:

text section in UXPressia
  • Charts you have can be added to the charts section.

- Charts View in Touchpoint Dashboard

charts view in touchpoint dashboard

- Chart section in UXPressia

charts section in UXPressia

These are the basic steps you can follow when transferring your projects to our platform.

Want to learn more about UXPressia’s CJM tool, its sections, and how they work?

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