Having touchpoints in the Team Library allows all workspace contributors to add these touchpoints to projects, journey maps, and personas within the workspace.

Here is how it works:

  • In the Team Library, go to the Touchpoints section.

touchpoints library

If your standard touchpoints are stored in some software (e.g., in Excel or Airtable), you can export them into a .csv file and import it in the Library instead of manually entering them.

  • Fill in all the necessary details (and be sure to check tooltips for advice and ideas) and save the touchpoint.

touchpoint page

On the touchpoint page, you will also see where a specific touchpoint is used.

touchpoint usage

Once you have saved the touchpoint, it's already added to all the projects within your workspace. Although you can always turn it off and on for particular projects.

Note: you can also add touchpoints to the Process and Channels section.

process and channels and touchpoints

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