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Add touchpoints to your journey maps and personas
Add touchpoints to your journey maps and personas

Learn how to add touchpoints to your documents

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People with 'Edit' access to the document (these are workspace contributors and people with whom you shared the doc individually) can manage touchpoints inside it.

The number of available touchpoints depends on how many you or your team created in the Team Library.

Note: Workspace contributors can add new touchpoints to the Team Library. People outside the workspace and workspace Viewers with whom the doc was shared individually can use only existing touchpoints.

To see a touchpoint overview inside the map or persona, click on this touchpoint:

touchpoint overview

Touchpoints in customer journey maps

There are several places where you can use touchpoints in your CJM:

  • Touchpoints section

touchpoints section
  • Process and channels section

process and channels section

On the left panel, you can see all the touchpoints used in the CJM. You can filter them by using the hiding functionality.

Touchpoints in personas

There's a dedicated 'Touchpoints' section in the Persona Editor:

persona profile

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