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How the Version History works
How the Version History works

See the history of changes in your map or persona

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UXPressia supports the Version History for PRO and Enterprise plan users.

You can access it here in the upper menu:

version history button

Every time you or your teammates make any changes in a map persona, each action gets into the Version History.

These can be:

  • Text edits;

  • Adding, moving, and deleting stages, substages, and sections;

  • Uploading and deleting images and documents;

  • Section and stage style updates;

  • And more.

The History is visible to anyone with edit access to the map or persona.

Switch between different versions

Use the Version History to go back to previous versions of your map or persona before some changes were made. Even if you or one of your team members accidentally removes or changes some content, you can restore it now from the history.

persona version history

You can also restore previous versions and send a link to a specific version to other people.

Note: If these people don’t have access to the project, make sure to share it with them beforehand.

version history

Name and copy versions that matter

You can create named versions of your maps and personas to keep track of the various stages in a map or persona’s lifecycle.

version history names

As the Version History shows every action made in a document, copy the important versions of your map or persona to have these versions instantly available and eliminate the risk of losing them.

copying version history

Note: The version history stores the actions taken within 6 months only. The changes made before the Version History release (July 21, 2021) won’t be shown either.

Having version copies is also a good idea if you don’t want others (e.g., your client) to see a complete log of changes.

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