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How to manage touchpoints
How to manage touchpoints

Learn how to set up and configure touchpoints in the Team Library

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To use touchpoints in a document, they must be set up in the workspace’s Team Library.

where to manage touchpoints

If your standard touchpoints are stored in some software (e.g., in Excel or Airtable), you can export them into a .csv file and import the file into the Library instead of manually entering them.

  • Fill in all the necessary details (and be sure to check tooltips for advice and ideas) and save the touchpoint.

touchpoint page

You will also see where a specific touchpoint is used on the touchpoint page.

touchpoint usage

Having touchpoints in the Team Library allows all workspace contributors to add these touchpoints to journey maps and personas within the workspace.

touchpoint usage

Note: Touchpoints are visible within the Workspace. If you move the document with touchpoints to another Workspace, its touchpoints will be removed.

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