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Standardize your journey map stages with the Team Library
Standardize your journey map stages with the Team Library

Learn how to configure auto suggestions for your journey map stages and substages

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The Team Library is a shared repository of reusable components and files we created to help teams speed up the work process and ensure consistency in their maps. The Team Library is available to anyone in the Pro workspace.

Suppose your company has an established vocabulary for naming journey stages. In that case, you can configure it once and for all in the Team Library so that all maps created by different team members have consistent language.

Here is how it works:

1. Add journey map stages and substages in the Stages section of the Library.

add stages to team library

If your standard stage names are stored in some software (for example, in Excel or Airtable), you can export them into a .csv file and import it in the Library instead of manually entering them.

import stages in team library

2. Pick the necessary stages and substages when creating a new map using the autocomplete suggestions.

stages in team library

More Team Library functionality is coming soon!

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