This feature pack lets you supply your personas with some analytics, add and change the personality type according to your internal classifications and customize the accent color of the canvas. Let’s see you can use them.

Set Market Size

To set market size for your persona, click on the default percentage number next to the persona's name and type in your own percentage. The pie chart will adjust automatically.

Note: if you set the market size to 0%, it will not be displayed when you export your persona.

Custom Personality

You are no more restricted to the 4 personality options and can add your own personality type.

To do that, click on the “Type” section in the top-right corner and specify your own persona type in the corresponding field.

You can also set a custom description so it pops up every time you hover over that section to remind you what stands behind this persona type.

Color Accent

Setting the accent color will help you tell personas with different personality types apart and brand them up with your brand color. The accent color will automatically apply to some of the elements on the persona canvas. 

You can customize the accent color in the same pop-up window.

Either pick a color from the palette or enter a certain HEX color code.

To restore the color either delete the text value from under where it says "Color" or select and unselect any personality type at the bottom of the pop-up.

By the way, all the 3 sections of the persona header have editable names. You can either leave the default names unchanged or type in anything you want instead. 

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