You've just registered a new account but can’t find the confirmation email to complete the registration process?

Let’s look at the possible reasons and ways to deal with them:

Case 1: The email got into a spam folder

If you don’t see a confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder for it. And be sure to mark the email as not spam to prevent other important UXPressia emails (e.g., with invoices) from landing in your spam folder.

Case 2: You can receive emails only from allowed domains

If you use your corporate email, our emails might not come through due to security issues. To allow you to receive them, your security administrators might need to allow the domain on your end.

If you have already registered an account, ask your admin to allowlist our domain and then request a password reset:

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Use the email you’ll get to access your UXPressia account.

Case 3: There was a typo in your email address

It’s possible that the email you registered with had a typo. For example, "dan@gmail.coN" instead of "dan@gmail.coM".

A confirmation email sent to the wrong email address will never get to your actual inbox. If you suspect this can be your case, try to sign up once again.

Case 4: Nothing worked for me

Sign up via the social buttons (Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn). In this case, you will not need to search for a confirmation email.

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