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Can’t access a map or persona
Can’t access a map or persona

See why some personas, maps, or projects are blocked and grayed out

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If you're having a hard time accessing your existing maps, personas, or projects because they are grayed out like this:

Chances are you are on a free plan. Either because you've been downgraded after unsubscribing or because you never upgraded in the first place, the free plan limits you to only one project, one map, and one persona.

Where do you go from here? There are two ways:

  • Consider upgrading either to Starter or Pro — that way you will have full access to all your projects and documents.

  • Delete the project/persona/map that is not locked, and this will unlock the one you want to access. So you just need to make sure that you have only one project and one persona or map on the dashboard. You will be able to restore the deleted ones from trash at any point after that. Learn how the trash can works here.

If you can’t find a project, map, or persona that someone shared with you via email or a direct link in the SHARED WITH ME tab, the likely cause is that the project creator deleted it or disabled your access to the project/document. Please contact the creator to regain access to the document.

These are the most common causes and fixes for this issue. If you tried everything but still get nothing — let us know in the chat on the website!

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