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Change your subscription to a paid plan
Change your subscription to a paid plan

You just upgraded your account but still seem to be on a free subscription? Read this.

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If you see the message prompting you to upgrade to a paid plan but you are sure that you're not on a free plan, no worries. There might be a couple of things going on:

Just upgraded your account to STARTER/PRO

If you just upgraded your account but still can't export or open your maps and personas, just refresh the page and you'll be all set!

Working within a team

If you're working within a team and someone just invited you to UXPressia saying they got a paid account, then you signed in and see that you're a free user... make sure you're in the right workspace. Here's how you switch between workspaces.

Are you under the right account?

If none of the above are the cases, then it might be that you're logged in under a different account. Sometimes people create multiple accounts where one is registered with a personal email and another with a corp email.

So it's worth a check whether you're using the right account.

Hope this helps! If it does not, write us a line at or in the chat on the website!

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