A simple text may not be enough to describe you Persona in-depth in terms of personal characteristics, skills, and motivating factors. To describe Persona characteristics in a more visible way there is a skill section in UXPressia. And the abilities of this section are quite flexible today.

There are 2 ways how to use skill section:

  1. To demonstrate how familiar is your Persona with particular concepts or technologies, what are their preferences. And measure this on a scale. By default it's 0 to 100. But you can change the scale if you like by clicking the number and typing whatever number you prefer to use. 

2. You can type words instead of numbers and show the adherence of the persona to one of the two or more characteristics. Here is how you do it:

  • Hover over the number and click on it

  • Delete the numbers with Backspace and type in the characteristics (e.g. “Introvert” & “Extrovert”).

So, as a result, you'll get 2 different types of the same section to describe your Persona characteristics. And here is how an exported variant looks like:

Note: If you fill in 2 out of 4 characteristics, the blank ones that are displayed in the gray font in the Persona creating tool will not be displayed in the exported document.

P.S. Learn more about creating effective data-based personas at UXPressia Academy.

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