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Configuring the skills section
Configuring the skills section

The two different ways of setting up the skills section

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Plain text may not be enough to describe your persona in depth in terms of personal characteristics, skills, and motivating factors. For a visual representation of the traits and preferences a persona has, turn to the skills section in UXPressia's Personas tool.

There are two ways to use the skills section:

1. To demonstrate how familiar your persona is with particular concepts or technologies, or how proficient they are at a certain skill. By default, the scale ranges from 0 to 100, but you can change the span and the intermediate points if you like by clicking on each number and typing a different one instead.

an example of using the skills section for capabilities

2. You can also type in words instead of numbers and, for instance, show where the persona stands between two opposite characteristics of a spectrum.
Here is how you can do that:

  • Once you add the default section, hover over a number and click on it;

  • Delete all numbers with Backspace and type in the characteristics you want (e.g. 'Extrovert' and 'Introvert') at the two ends of the scale.

an example of using the skills section for personality

As a result, you can have two different configurations of the same section to describe your persona characteristics. And here's how an exported variant looks like:

the exported version of the persona

Note: You don't have to fill out all five number spots on the scale: the ones you leave blank won't be displayed in the exported document, as you can see from the image above.

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