Sticky notes, PP slides or spreadsheets - the vicious circle of a workshopping journey mapper. Sounds familiar? We betcha!

Best customer journey maps are always a result of collaboration between teams. But even the most productive workshop will have little to no effect if the map just remains in sticky notes.

You want your map to be easily accessible by everyone. And easy to update and tweak when needed. And shareable. We've been there.

You've come to the right place.

With UXPressia you can recreate your existing map/persona in a blink of an eye. The tools are flexible and everything you do auto saves and can be reversed in just a click.

It's fully collaborative so you can invite your peers to co-create or better yet - set up a digital workshop so everything the team comes up with goes right into zeros and ones and is already in the cloud. No matter if the team is scattered across the globe or sitting in the same room - it's fast, easy, and FUN!

Share the results with anyone be it the executives, managers, peers or even clients.

And then you can always create your own templates so you never start from scratch!

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