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The idea of building a customer-centric culture might seem overwhelming. And it is!  Starting the gears turning is especially tough in a the-way-things-always-been-here environment. Sadly, this exists in every company.

But long journeys always start with the first step no matter how small. Becoming customer-centric doesn’t happen overnight and customer journey mapping is a great starting point for all the team to start thinking customer.

Now, where does UXPressia fit in all of this? You can always create customer journey maps and personas on either paper or in spreadsheets. But with us you can:

  • Set up collaborative digital (distributed or/and local) workshops with as many coworkers as you want - create journey maps and personas in real time. Cherry on top, in the end you have a document that is already digital and in the cloud.

  • ...a document that can be easily shared across your company for further updates or syncs.

  • ...and then exported to a beautiful printable PDF and presented to the stakeholders. And you need no graphic designers for it!

  • On top of that, UXPressia is a great trampoline for those just starting with customer experience and design thinking.

  • We give you a framework and a common language to translate and share your ideas with you coworkers no matter where in the world they might be.

Visualize step-by-step journeys and persona profiles of your customers and get everyone on the same page. Engage coworkers from different teams and departments to work collaboratively and solve problems.

UXPressia will become your team's common ground for discussing customer journeys so everyone can get a better understanding of their responsibilities, the context and purpose of their work.

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