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Upgrade subscription for your workspace
Upgrade subscription for your workspace

Learn how to upgrade your workspace and add billing details

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To switch a workspace to a new subscription plan, you need to follow the next steps:

Step 1. First, open the workspace you want to upgrade.

Step 2. Open the Billing tab and choose the subscription plan and its type (monthly or annual).

Step 3. Make sure your autorenewal is active:

Step 4. Now you can switch between Monthly and Annual modes, as well as choose another paid plan:

Step 5. After choosing your plan, specify the number of planned contributors in the workspace and enter the card details if there are none.

If you have a coupon, check out this article for activation instructions.

Step 6. Click UPDATE, and ta-dam โ€” your workspace is on a new subscription plan!

Note. Payments are processed by the STRIPE payment system. UXPressia doesn't store your billing information.

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