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Learn how to share maps and personas with your team to take the most out of collaboration

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At UXPressia, sharing works on the tag and document levels.

Document sharing is best for sharing individual documents, while tag sharing allows you to share multiple documents with the same tag with other people.

There are 3 ways you can grant access to a tag:

  • Public access. Anyone with a direct link can access the tag; no login required.

  • Workspace access. All workspace members have access to the documents with workspace-level tags

  • Access via email. Only logged-in users with specified emails will have access to the tag and related documents.

Public Access (Direct Access)

Public access allows you to share tags via shareable links. In this case, all people with the link can access your Tag page and the documents on it. And the best part is that they don't need a UXPressia account to view/edit the documents.

When to use?  When you're sharing your work with a boss, a manager, a teammate, or a client, you don't want them to sign up at UXPressia, as they just need to see how the work is going on. Or make a few minor changes.

Workspace access

All the documents with Workspace-level tags created in a given workspace are available to everyone in the workspace. Workspace members see them on the dashboard together with documents with Personal tags to which they have access. 

documents on the dashboard

Workspace members with the Contributor role have the same editing rights, while members with the Viewer role are only able to view tags, maps, and personas and leave comments.

When to use? This one works best when collaborating closely with your teammates and you want all the members of your workspace to have automatic access to the project-related documents.

❗ Note: you can hide documents from your workspace members by assigning them a personal tag.

Access via email

Access via email works for signed-up users only so make sure the person with whom you share the tag has an account at UXPressia.

When to use? It's best to use it when giving single access to one person who is outside of your workspace or sharing a tag with others.

Note: Only workspace contributors can use the sharing functionality.

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