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UXPressia export

See examples of downloaded maps and personas

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Once you are done with your maps and personas, you can download them on your device in PNG, CSV, PPTX, and PDF formats using the UXPressia export feature.

There are two ways to export a map/persona:

Exporting from a map/persona page

To export the document from its page, 

  • Open the map/persona you want to export. 

  • Click on the "Export" button in the toolbar.

export button
  • Choose one of the five exporting options.

document export
  • Hit the "Export" button.

Exporting from a Tag page

To export a map/persona:

  • Open up the tag that contains the target document.

  • Open the hamburger menu on the right of the persona/map’s bar and hit export.

tag page export
  • Choose an exporting option.

  • Hit the "Export" option.

Do you wonder what maps and personas look like once exported? Here are all possible previews:

Note: .csv, PDF, and PPTX exports are available to paid plan users only.

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