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How workspace sharing works

Learn how to share documents with everyone within your workspace

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Paid workspaces with multiple collaborators allow you to instantly share documents with the entire team.

By default, all documents with Workspace tags are visible on the dashboard to all workspace members.

When you create a new document, there's a popup prompting you to add one or multiple tags to your document. To make a doc visible to everyone in the workspace, add a Workspace tag to it.

document settings

You can always add a Workspace tag to existing documents at any moment when you need it.

adding a tag to a doc

Members with the Contributor role have the same editing rights, while members with the Viewer role can only view maps and personas and leave comments.

If you want to keep some of your documents secret from workspace members, we got you covered. Assign them a personal tag, and your teammates won’t see them until you’re ready to share the docs with others. 

doc with a personal tag

If you want to share a private document with only certain members of the workspace, we recommend inviting them via email.  They'll be able to find the document in the SHARED WITH ME tab, while other workspace collaborators won't see it.

shared with me tab
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