Restoring deleted impact maps is easy and takes a few mouse clicks. There are two ways to restore a deleted impact map:

Restoring from the project page

  1. Go to the page of the project that contained the deleted impact map. 

  2. Open the DELETED tab.

  3. Hit the RESTORE icon on the right of the impact map’s bar. 

Restoring from the trash

  1. Go to the trash can and open the IMPACT MAPS tab.

  2. Hit the RESTORE icon on the right of the target impact map’s bar. 

To restore deleted impact maps in bulk, check the boxes near them and hit RESTORE on the action bar. 

Note that if the project that held the deleted impact map was permanently deleted from the trash, there’s no way to restore the map. You won’t be able to restore a single impact map that was permanently deleted, either. 

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