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Persona Overview

Basics of user personas for newbies

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Creating a user persona is a great way to get to know your customers. By building a persona that awakens empathy you learn how to approach people better so that they pay you back with their trust.

Basically, a persona is a collective image of a particular group of your customers that represents their behavioral patterns, backgrounds, expectations, you name it.

UXPressia Personas Online tool offers you an extremely flexible persona creator. It allows you to build awesome-looking personas in a matter of minutes without involving designers. You can create and store your personas online as well as export them to use on your computer. Not to mention that you are free to share your masterpieces with anyone you want!

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To learn more about personas, why, and when you should use them, read this section on our blog. For a step-by-step guide to creating personas download this guide or check out this article.

To learn how to create effective data-based personas, visit UXPressia Academy.

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Want to explore more of the platform's functionality and see how to build journey maps and personas?

Persona creation guide

Also, feel free to check out our video guide on Personas.

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