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How to export personas

Learn how to download personas on your computer & save them in PDF, CSV, PPTX, or PNG

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Once you have your persona ready, it's time to export it. Nothing can be easier.

There are several places to export your persona:

Persona page

To export a persona from its page:

  • Open up the persona you want to export. 

  • Click on 'Export' in the upper bar over the persona editor.

  • Choose a suitable format in the pop-up window.

  • Hit the 'Export' button when you’re done.

persona export

You can also export personas in the 'All Personas' View from this page.

all personas view export

Tag page

To export a persona:

  • Open up the Tag page that contains the target persona.

  • Open the hamburger menu on the right of the persona’s bar and hit 'Export'.

tag page export of the persona
  • Choose the format in the pop-up window.

  • Click on the “Export” button.

⚠️ Note: Export to .CSV, PDF, and PPTX is not available to free users. If you wonder how personas look once exported, check out this article.

Dashboard page

Exporting personas from the Dashboard works the same way as on the Tag page.

persona export on the dashboard

How to open .csv files in Excel

  • Open a new Excel document and go to the Data tab. 

  • Select the 'From Text' option.

  • Select a .CSV file you wish to open and click on the “Import” button.

  • A new window will open up. Choose the “Delimited” file type and click “Next”.

  • Select three delimiters—Tab, Semicolon, and Comma—and click “Next”.

  • Set the column data format to general and hit “Finish”.

  • That’s it!

How to open .csv files in Excel
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